(The Five P’s Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance).

If you implement the five P’s into your life you will become a more meaningful trainer, who will succeed & progress throughout your training.

Hi I would like to introduce myself for people who don’t know who I am, I’m Ian Whittle from Gundog training with Ian also (Peniglen Labradors). I’ve been an gundog trainer for over 15 years ive won open cold game tests, ran in the inter-counties & At Chatsworth in the team events, and I’ve also been a working test secretary.

My journey started when I bought my first labrador bitch – Dora who I initially bought as a pet. I immediately fell in love with Dora and the breed, so wanted to learn more and therefor attended some local gundog training classes where I got the ‘bug’ for gundog training and gundog work. I became totally addicted and wanted more and more, so after about 3 months I decided to buy my second bitch Jet, and then months later getting my third dog which I called Boss, then over time I slowly expanded the kennel to the size I am today.

When people get there first dog there in such a rush to get it fully trained, but by rushing they actually fail to get out the full potential from the dog. The handler & dog actually ends up being a shadow of what potentially they could have achieved.

I’ve seen how gundog training has evolved over the years now there is a big movement towards positive gundog training and putting the dogs mental well-being first, I’m pleased to say that the days of harsh dog training by some minority’s trainers are now hopefully a thing off the past.

I believe that positive training methods by stimulating the dogs mind will make the dog respond to the handler in a more positive way..

Gundog training is broken down into modules that when completed correctly will give you a fully trained gundog…

It is just as important to correctly train the handler as it is to train the dog, you will find that as time goes on the more training you do the more valuable experience you will get..

The most important peace of advice that I try to teach all gundog trainers is simply called the five P’s, Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance. I always say that if you implement the five P’s into your life so you will become a better meaningful trainer, who will succeed & progress throughout the training, so you will be able to achieve your inner goals..

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