Trainer: Mr Ian Whittle

I’ve been a gundog trainer for over 15 years, i was the Working Test secretory at Barton an Humber Gundog club. I’ve ran Boss at the Chatsworth game fair in the team event for URC Lincs area for 2 years, Me and Boss also ran for Barton an Humber gundog club In The inter-counties team for 2 years highest awards 3rd place..

Hightest awards at working tests,

3rd place in the Inter-counties team for Barton & Humber Gundog club.

Chatsworh game fair team member for URC Lincs area.

first place Novice Working Test at URC lincs area.

first place intermediate cold game Working Test at URC North Midlands.

first place Open cold game Working Test at Northern Golden Reriever Club.

Best handler shield URC Lincs area Working Test.

Also lots of 2nds & 3rds awards with other dogs..