Welcome to our new website, Your trainer Ian has over 15 years experience training gundogs by using only proven positive training techniques, Our aim is to promote responsible dog ownership, which in turn enhances our relationship with our dogs. by using only positive training technique. Once your dog has learnt the puppy commands eg: socialise and humanise, sit and stay (hup), heal work perfect on and of the lead, basic retrieving, it’s now time to move up to the Novice level, which consist of:-

 Remaining on the drop.
Retrieving seens.
Introduction to the pistol.
Direction and control (visual and verbal), Retrieving blind, Introduction to shot, Reprise.

Training at Novice Level isn’t just about teaching your dog certain commands. It is also about teaching you the handler to understand your visual and verbal commands together as a package to control your dog so that it will work consistantly and at a satisfactory level in the field.

Once your training has been completed at a novice level you can now move onto the Intermediate and Open levels.

Once you have move up from novice into intermediate, everything you learnt at novice level will now start to be put together as a more polished package and your work will become more consistent, thorough and rewarding.

Open level training concentrates and prepares you more on work for the competition field and the shooting field. This is where you will get the most joy because you will now see all your hard work pay off, and you will see your dog thrive and work to the best of its abilities.

what I always say: Dog training its not a sprint its an marathon just go slow and steady don’t rush…

If you Implement our training methods into your life you will become a better more meaningful trainer, who will succeed & progress throughout the training, so you’ll be able to achieve your inner goals.

Gundog training Start Today / Start NOW…


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